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Bubble Scoop and Bath Bomb

Bubble Scoop and Bath Bomb

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Directions for bath bomb: Unwrap, drop into a tub filled with warm water and enjoy!

Directions for bubble scoop: Unwrap the scoop and crumble it under running water. For lots of bubbles, agitate the water. Make sure you do not drop the bubble scoop into the bath without agitating the water or you won't get many bubbles.

Listing includes: 1 coconut scented bubble scoop weighing a minimum of 2.5 ounces and 1 grape scented bath bomb cone weighing a minimum of 3 ounces.

Ingredients:  Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cream of tartar, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, cocoa butter, shea butter, polysorbate 80, fragrance, liquid glycerine, almond oil, lakes and water.  

Warning: Do not use on sore, broken or irritated skin. If irritation or rash occur, discontinue use. Use caution getting out of the tub as it may become slippery.

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